Method Seven Evolution HPSx Transition

Method Seven Evolution HPSx Transition


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Method Seven HPSx Eyewear

Method Seven’s HPSx lens is a proprietary polycarbonate blend that allows the lens to transition from the signature blue of the HPS colour-balancing technology to a dark grey/blue tint when exposed to direct sunlight.

The transition is activated by direct sunlight and darkens fully within three minutes. Transition experience varies based on conditions and UV exposure. Experience balanced colour and users have their eyes protected for hours of comfort and enjoyment, wherever the day takes you. The HPSx lens was developed by Method Seven and is made in the USA. As with all Method Seven glasses you are covered with full UV protection. 

Comfortable and Flexible

The Italian made Evolution frame is extremely comfortable and flexible as it’s made with TR90! TR90 is the latest modernisation in eyewear produced by the Swiss Technology who made use of a thermoplastic substance in frames that provides extreme strength due to its flexibility feature. TR90 frames can easily contour users’ faces comfortably, so you can easily adjust them to your face shape and are tough enough to absorb any hard impacts. The HPSx Evolution frame also uses concealed flex-hinges that make them a comfortable fit.

For those looking for protection, extreme lightweight comfort, flexibility, luxury and a crisp perfect colour vision, then there could be a no better option than the modern and exceptional Method Seven Evolution HPSx Transition Eyewear. 


  • Designed for style and comfort.
  • Matte Black design.
  • Covered with full UV protection. 
  • Flexible frame feature.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Proprietary polycarbonate blend.


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