Method Seven LEDfx Cultivator

Method Seven LEDfx Cultivator


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Method Seven Eyewear – Cultivator LEDfx

Grow rooms can get bright – but regular sunglasses are not the answer. Lights used in horticulture (such as LED, HPS, and CMH) use a very limited spectrum and some contain high levels of ultraviolet (UV) light. UV can pose huge dangers to the human eye over time, and we need a wide spectrum of light to focus day-to-day. 

Method Seven LED grow glasses are made to cutting-edge standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. They provide 100% protection against UV damage, as well as reducing strain on eyes by correcting colour and increasing clarity. 

Keeps eyes healthy

The Cultivator LEDfx is specially engineered to combat the effects of these lights – often found in grow rooms. It offers 100% UV protection plus an infrared exterior lens coating.

These types of growing equipment emit powerful band radiation and potentially UVC light – and standard sunglasses do little to protect eyes in this way. Prolonged UV exposure is hugely detrimental to the eyes. It does what sunburn does to your skin, and over time can put you at increased risk for eye cancers and vision loss. Even working in grow spaces where the lights do not contain UV, eyes become strained, and the haziness and colour distortion caused by cheap sunglasses do little to help. 

The Cultivator LEDfx provides 100% UV protection in their poly-carbonate lenses. They will stay in place while working in a grow space or outdoors, and eliminate the usual headaches and tension that come with damaging light. 

Clear as day

Method Seven ensures total clarity of vision, with none of the distortion or fogging that may come with lower-quality brands of LED eyewear. 

Identify plant problems

If you’re squinting all day, or blurred by cheap sunglasses, it can be difficult to see problems in a grow space. Spot the first signs of pests, or identify discolouration, and keep your plants in optimal health. 

Where to use Method Seven Eyewear?

Each pair of Method Seven eyewear is specially formulated to correct the inconveniences and risks of certain kinds of light – so glasses will not be effective as a “one size fits all”. The intense attention to detail and care for eye health is what makes these some of the best horticultural glasses on the market. 

The Cultivator LEDfx’s high-quality, mineral glass lenses protect eyes from prolonged and extreme brightness to a greater extent than plastic sunglasses, and offer outstanding colour correction. The lens also blocks near infrared, which helps to prevent dry eyes and tiredness. 

Please note that the Cultivator LEDfx  glasses should not be used with 6,500°K – 10,000°K metal halide lamps, blurple (blue+purple), or magenta spectrum LED lights.

Why choose Method Seven Eyewear?

Quality is at the forefront of Method Seven design. Their lenses are made from mineral glass rather than plastic, with a Flash Silver exterior lens coating. While it means a little more care in the manufacturing process, it gives supreme protection and comfort for the user. Rather than simply blocking light, the lenses respond to it, neutralising all the visual discomfort that comes with sunglasses.

  • LED glasses for horticulture;
  • Made from high-quality mineral glass;
  • Specifically designed for harsh magenta and “blurple” light;
  • Classic rectangular design;
  • Can also be worn outdoors;
  • 100% UV protection;
  • Protects against headaches, eye strain, and long-term eye damage;
  • Flawless colour correction;
  • No distortion;
  • Designed by world-leading Carl Zeiss Vision. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Method Seven
  • Materials: Mineral glass (lens), TR90 thermoplastic (frames)
  • Eye Width: 68mm
  • Bridge Width: 16mm
  • Temple Length: 121mm
  • Base Curve: Base 8


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